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Peveril (Burton Rd)

Left: An artists impression of the proposed development

Right: Footprint of new development shown in red.

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ESBC Consultation Event - Sat 9 July 2011

Knowing how concerned the residents of Tutbury are about the planning application for Burton Road, and also how difficult many people find it to write letters, when it comes to the details concerning planning matters, ESBC Councillor, Liz Staples, has arranged a consultation event in the form of a Ďdrop iní session on Saturday 9th July at Tutbury village Hall, Monk Street, Tutbury, DE13 9NA - from 10:00 AM till 2:00 PM..

Copies of the plans will be available as well as forms for completion by attendees.

ESBC Planning officer, Charlotte el Hakiem will be present as will Cllr Stephen Smith.

The idea is that Charlotte el Hakiem will be available to answer any technical questions about the plans and members of the public will be able to record their comments about the application. All comments /objections will be taken note of and count towards the final report.

Although this consultation event is after the closing date for comments, Charlotte el Hakiem has made it clear that she is happy to accept all comments made on the day.

Upper Outwoods Farm

Planning application by Westbury Homes approved subject to condition.

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Background Information

At present ESBC is committed to building 13,000 new homes in the Borough of East Staffordshire between 2006 and 2026. The figure of 13,000 was determined by the West Midlands Regional Spatial Strategy following ESBCís decision to become a Sub Regional Growth Point.

The figures shown in the West Midlands Regional Spatial strategy are presented on the premise that growth in households will exceed growth in population, due to an ageing population where more of the population live alone.

WMRSS Phase Two estimates, over the projected period, a county wide increase in households of 20%.

Local Press Reports

22 June 11

Report on Public Meeting

-9 June 11

Report on Public Meeting

Planning Application on behalf of Peveril Homes

On Friday 3 June 2011, a planning application was submitted to East Staffordshire Borough Council, on behalf of Peveril homes to develop land off Burton Road in Tutbury.

The planning application is split into two parts as follows:



Erection of 212 dwellings and associated garages, erection of 14 industrial units and a community building and the provision of public open space, allotments and a sports pitch, including the formation of two vehicular accesses.



Outline planning application for the erection of 12 self build dwellings.

Both applications have been made on behalf of Peveril Homes by Signet Planning, Strelley Hall, Main Street, Strelley Village, Nottingham, NG8 6PE.

Facts About Tutbury & Outwoods

Census returns (Indicative pop figures 1961 to 2001)











*1981 census figures included Tutbury & Hatton together

Tutbury & Outwoods covers an area of 2,427 Hectares (6.2% of the land in East Staffordshire Borough).

Travel To Work Method (2001 Census)

Tutbury & Outwoods

East Staffs Average







Source: ESBC Corporate Services

Household Income (average in 2008)

Tutbury & Outwoods

East Staffs Average



Source: Axcion Incomex

Person per household (2001 Census)

Tutbury & Outwoods

East Staffs Average



Based on the above, and 2001 Census pop. A development of 224 dwellings would result in a population increase of 515 persons, or a percentage increase in population of 16%.

Rooms per household (2001 Census)

Tutbury & Outwoods

East Staffs Average



Place Survey

The ESBC place survey 2008 / 2009 sampled 3,000 residents across Tutbury & Outwoods. There were 1134 responses. Survey results were as follows:

Satisfied with local area

88% (T&O)

79% (East Staffs Average)

Satisfied with place to live

93% (T&O)

90% (East Staffs Average)