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Friday 22 November 2013 saw the launch event of Staffordshire’s superfast Broadband build project.

The event took place at St George’s Park Conference Centre near Burton on Trent.

This project will see telephone exchanges across Staffordshire being connected to the fibre optic network between now and spring 2016.

Why should you be bothered about all this - well a fibre optic network provides faster line speeds and greater bandwidth for internet transmissions. This means that your home computer will run faster on the net, and if you run a business it means that  sending and receiving eParcels and other large files will be much easier - altogether good news.
The superfast broadband project is a collaboration between Staffordshire County Council, BDUK (Broadband Delivery UK), and British Telecom.

The total budget for Staffordshire is just short of £27,000,000.

The funding is split as follows:

The network will be an open system. Just because it’s being built by BT you don’t have to be a BT internet customer to use it. Your existing service provider will be able to connect you, once the infrastructure is in place.
There are essentially two schemes in place:
More about the Fibre to Cabinet scheme

The photo above shows and example of an existing BT Network Box. Under the Fibre to Cabinet scheme a new kiosk housing a DSLAM (Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer) needs to be installed within 100m of the existing network box. BT need the two boxes because the fibre optic network utilises wavelength multiplexing, whilst the copper network utilises Time Division Multiplexing. The DSLAM provides an intelligent link between the new fibre network and the traditional copper circuits.

Shown above is an example of what a DSLAM network box looks like. You’ll probably have seen them in town’s and cities already.

The fibre which BT install is single mode fibre which uses laser launch equipment. As a result the bandwidth of the new network will be virtually un-limited - over a huge transmission distance.

Now for the confusing bit

If you use the BT Openreach post code finder at:

You’ll find that DE13 is not currently included in the roll out plans.

However if you view Staffordshire County Council’s “when and where map” - you’ll find that DE13 roll out begins later this year.

The above image is a snap shot of SCC’s when and where map as of Dec 13.

You can view subsequent maps by clicking on links in adjacent column right.

Red indicates Fibre by 2014.

Blue indicates Fibre by 2015.

Green indicates 2 Mbps by 2016.

Staffs County Council
£7.44 M
£7.44 M
British Telecom
£12.47 M
Fibre To Premises
This is aimed at SME’s (Small to Medium Size Enterprises) where the fibre is taken directly into the customers premises.
Fibre to Cabinet
Intended for residential customers where the fibre terminates in street furniture. The final connection from BT’s network box remains in copper under this scheme.