View from The Triangle 28 March 1957.

The houses in the centre of this photo have been replaced with new build. Do you know the names of the people who used to live there?

Jack Booth (Rural District Council Foreman). Photo taken at Kingsley, 44 Rolleston Road, circa 1953 / 54. Does Jack have living relatives in the area?

Photo of Tutbury Culvert, Duke Street end, 27 March 1957. Photo shows RDC Deputy Engineer - John Lowdnes (far right) talking to Contractors Foreman about a manhole designed by Frank. The young man leaning against the gates could still be living in Tutbury - do you recognise him?

Photo left shows Castle Hill House during Royal Visit in the 1950ís.

The above photoís have been very kindly forwarded by Frank Toon who was an RDC Engineer from 1951 to 1959. Frank has since moved away from the area, but likes to keep in touch with whatís happening in and around Tutbury.

If any of the above photos, names, or faces have jogged your memory, we would really like to hear from you. We canít offer any prizes - just the opportunity to make the June 9th celebrations even better.