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Tutbury Eco Power are down to the final ten Community Groups, coming ahead of nearly 1,000 other groups across the UK, and have a chance to win £75,000.

For the Tutbury Community this is possibly the opportunity of the Century, we are in grasping distance of being awarded £75,000 to install PV (Photovoltaic - Solar Power) on our public buildings; possible sites mentioned in the application are, (Subject to Detailed Survey and Planning Permissions etc.)

Richard Wakefield Primary School

Tutbury Old School Community Association (TOSCA)

Tutbury Museum

Tutbury Institute

Tutbury Village Hall

Doctor’s Surgery

Tutbury Eco Power are down to the final ten Community Groups, coming ahead of nearly 1,000 other groups across the UK, and have a chance to win £75,000.

It has been estimated that the buildings supplied will:

a. Receive an amount of free electricity, thus reducing energy bills.

b. Generate funding in the region of >£10,000 per year for community use.

For more information please see http://www.energyshare.com/ though, at the time of writing this e-mail the web page had not yet been updated with the good news.

To win, we will need to be the Community Group with the most VOTES on the Energy Share website, with the voting process commencing on 15th November until 3rd December 2011.

The actual voting details / process have not yet been provided by Energy Share. Also, I don't know yet as to which other UK community groups we are competing against.

The TEP team will be meeting on Wednesday 2nd November to plan the winning strategy.

But for everyone else there will be a presentation at 7.30 PM in the Institute on Monday 7th November to provide details and engage with all community groups and residents so that we can get the whole community behind this, as it is they who will benefit for decades to come.

There is only one Agenda Item:

How can we get the message out across the UK, to get people to vote for Tutbury EcoPower?

To date it has been hard work to put Tutbury ahead of the other 970 Community Groups across the UK. We can win this and we can make a huge difference to our village.

FYI: We are also making steady progress on the Hydro Project, Low Carbon Community (Energy Monitors, Power Downs, Thermal Imagery Photos), Free Loft and Wall Insulation, etc.

I look forward to providing more details on this potential huge benefit to our community at 7.30 PM on Monday 7th November 2011 in the Institute. Old and new friends will be made especially welcome to be involved for this three weeks sprint to win £75K.

A huge well done to all involved to date.