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History of the campaign

Over the past 18 months East Staffordshire Borough Council has installed two new junior play areas in Tutbury, at the Park Pale and Tutbury Mill sites. These play areas, aimed at under 12ís are excellent additions to the provision of outdoor play areas in the village. What the village lacks is a place for young people to informally meet in a safe environment and play sport or meet and socialise with friends.

East Staffordshire Borough Councillors for Tutbury and Outwoods: Trevor Hathaway and Elizabeth Staples, along with Parks and Countryside Officers and Youth Workers from Staffordshire County Council decided to ask young people from Tutbury what they would like and where.

Formation of the Tutbury Teen Campaign

From the initial de Ferrers survey a number of young people from Tutbury were invited to the Youth Club on Cornmill Lane to join a group, to campaign for an outdoor youth play area in the village. The initial meeting was very popular with lots of young people from the village attending to show their support.

Seven core members of the group have been looking into the provision of a youth play area in the village, what equipment could be in it and where it could be located

The preferred site from the results of the survey was Cornmill Lane recreation ground, which is owned by Tutbury Charities and leased by Tutbury Parish Council. Young people were keen to expand on this site as the ball court is already there and the Youth Club is in close proximity.

Tutbury Teen Campaign invited members of Tutbury Parish Council to the Youth Club in January 06 for a presentation on their research so far. The evening was fairly successful, with representatives of the Parish Council in favour of an outdoor play facility for young people
in principle

There are two new play areas in Tutbury for children aged 12 and under but no outdoor play facility for young people.

Young people from Tutbury have formed the Tutbury Teen Campaign to try and get a facility built somewhere in the village.

East Staffordshire Borough Council and Staffordshire County Council are working together on the Tutbury Teen Campaign